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CCP for Local Government

Makes better customer contact easier for Local Authorities and their Citizens....

CCP for Local Government

At Asidua we recognise that these are times of increasing pressure on local government service provision.

Over the past decade there have been many far reaching changes in how services are requested and delivered.  Customers now expect a service which is more personalised, and delivers the right outcome at the first time of asking  – just like their experience with a multitude of private sector providers.

Conversely, economic pressures have mandated cuts in public spending that have resulted in less funding to provide services. The combination of these factors mean that traditional “people” intensive mechanisms for handling customer service requests are no longer fit for purpose.

Based on our extensive knowledge we offer Local Authorities a platform that allows them to deploy applications that will automate key customer handling processes from initial contact through to service fulfilment.  These processes will have integration at their core, and will therefore work closely with your existing line of business applications for Revenues, Waste, Streets etc. 

We call this platform the Customer Contact PlatformTM (CCP).

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What CCP Offers

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